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Piano Books Series

By Saule Tokenova and Max Dedik

Join Anika on her travels in the magical Musicland, a beautiful country ruled by Queen Harmony where everything works according to the eternal principles of Music. As you follow Anika across Musicland, you will learn the secrets of playing the Piano in an easy and fun way. Each title is available in English and German at our Online Bookstore.

Book One English.jpg

Across Musicland

Book One, Music Theory and Practice

In Book One Anika takes a flight on a gigantic note to land in Musicland where she will need to find the Tree Castle and meet Queen Harmony. 

It contains the basics of Music Theory that will enable you to read notes and other important music symbols while Exercises will help you develop technical skills. Music Theory is presented through colorful illustrations to engage even the youngest of you. 

You will enjoy playing the popular children's songs from all over the world and famous classical pieces and even duets by Mozart, Czerny, Strauss, Grieg and Beethoven. 

The scores have easy arrangements and enlarged notes. 

Book Two English.jpg

Chamber of Mysteries

Book Two, Classical Collection

Pick up where you left off in Book One and Anika on her travel through space and time to meet the Nine Great Composers: Mozart, Pachelbel, Rossini, Czerny, Chopin, C.P.E. Bach, Sartorio, Boccherini and Handel. Each Composer has a precious gift for Queen Harmony and for you in the form of a beautiful piano piece. There are over 20 compositions, each arranged to match Beginner's level. 

Book Two comes with exquisite illustrations and a short biography of each Composer.


Notes from musicland

Workbook, Colouring Book and Homework Diary

NOTES FROM MUSICLAND is in its first half a workbook comprising 5 blank sheets to write notes, and a homework/progress diary for 90 music lessons in the other half. The diary should normally cover a school year.
Page 6 with a fancy frame is there to proudly show your favourite piece of Music or even one of your own compositions. Don’t forget to put the date and name of the piece. To make studying better fun, NOTES FROM MUSICLAND also contains 14 colouring pages, featuring the adventures of Anika and her friend Tony. 
Use Page 40 to list the pieces you have played in a given school year (Repertoire).  
Make the World a better place, learn music and play the piano!

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