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Easy Piano for Beginners. Classical Collection. 

Book Two is an assortment of over 20 compositions by classical composers: Mozart, Pachelbel, Rossini, Czerny, Chopin, Bach, Sartorio, Boccherini, Handel. Unlike many music sheets of today, ours are written with proper fingering to help play the pieces correctly and comfortably.

The Book also includes a short bio on each composer. 

Age: 6+

The Book comes with a free inscription.

Chamber of Mysteries

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  • Published by Maxim Dedikov, 2021. Copyright © Max Dedikov, Saule Tokenova, 2021.

    ISMN 979-0-9010026-8-5

    Writen by Saule Tokenova, Max Dedikov. Illustrated by Artem Gorchakov.

    Weight: 240g; Number of Pages: 100; Soft Cover; Language: English; Size: 21x25cm. 

    Printed by Aleph in Beirut, Lebanon

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